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44 thoughts on “Weight Loss Program from BIGGER to BEAUTIFUL | Motivation | RD Fitness Unlimited

  1. you go girl I know the pain.. recently I lost 13 kgs, I was 96kg once upon a time right🤭🤭 now 83kg & still going on. I know the pain both physically and mentally 😵😵. It takes so much effort 🙏🙏

    1. @Pretty Pinky long process. You have to quit fat contain oils & sugar & exercise must. Eat healthy but not too much according to your need.

  2. Hats off to you sisters. you have real courage to go out and do this. Good luck to your best results. 👏👏👏

  3. World needs more trainer like you brother to make people comfortable and motivated inside the gym. Gym is not about muscular body rather its about courage and belief that one builds inside the gym.

  4. Bravo à l’entraîneur ,mais aussi à l’élève, ça pas dû être facile pour elle !!!! Et elle gardait toujours le sourire wow bravo !!! 😇🙏💝

  5. Her determination and dedication stunning…plank is not easy to me till now .. stunning…super great effort mam..and too that trainer nice motivation…super bro ..love ur passion

  6. Amazed to see both the trainer and the trainee.kudos to her hard work and claps for the motivation that the trainer is giving. Hope you guys get success soon ❤️

  7. Big clap for both of them..huge respect for the lady who allowed to post the video and the bravo trainer who took the challenge.. 👏

  8. “From bigger to smaller”.
    “From beautiful to beautiful”.
    She’s amazing, stunning, and strong.

  9. Huge respect for that gym trainer. Can we all take a moment to appreciate for his motivation ❤️

  10. I just love her for going out there and starting. It’s not easy, she must be in tremendous pain. God bless her.

  11. She has played a great role on her body for which she has achieved this. It’s a tremendous work done by her.

  12. You can sister!!! You’re inspiring😍 NEVER QUIT. You’re gonna slay the backbiters very soon. You’re getting into a better ‘YOU’. Let the process bring out the most determined inspirational ‘you’. Come back when you feel you’re better👍 Much Love and respect to you❤

  13. Amazing dedication 👏
    Hat’s off to you girl !!! How lucky that in India people can go for personal trainer to guide, help and motivate 💪
    Many people like me don’t even know what to do and how to do!

  14. How many of you thought that that lady will be slim at the end of this video 😅😅😜😜

    1. உங்களுக்கு ரொம்ப நல்ல மனசு!
      She looks beautiful in spite of her weight, many thin girls won’t look that cute!

    2. @Sandhiya bro sorry I thought to type as slim but wrong a slip nu type pannitaa. Now only I noticed

    3. @Sandhiya Every human being is beautiful. The only issue is healthy or unhealthy😀

    4. @happy pearl forever not true! Being overweight doesn’t mean she is unhealthy. For all we know there are so many big girls with children and family living happily with no health issues.
      Again healthy or not healthy “looking” depends on onlookers eyes, it’s just different way of calling someone fat or thin.

  15. Really appreciate her for this effort…I am similar like her, pls share all her workout and exercise progress, am gng to follow these, to reduce my weight. Pls share as a separate episodes in name of her progress…it’s really helpful to us who looks like her same. Thanks to her for sharing her videos without any shyness and hesitations. Salute Madan.

  16. Every rep after that “one more one more” sound is exactly what helps us to attain better results…💪🏋🏻

  17. Great that you landed on the right place. Motivation and dedication. No pain no gain. All the best 👍

  18. You are a great trainer…. without ur guidance nothing is possible sir. you are motivating very strongly that’s the plus point . Continue it sir

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