How to BUILD a $500 HOME GYM on AMAZON

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Building a budget home gym can be a bit difficult due to how many options are available. Today, I want to show you how I would build a full home gym for under $500 exclusively on Amazon, which means it also includes shipping. A lot of this equipment isn't great and are things you'll eventually want to upgrade, but to start out, these should get you going.

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✅Best Value Barbell: Rogue Bar 2.0 Barbell –

✅Best Budget Barbell: FringeSport Wonder Bar V2 –

✅Best Power Rack: Rep PR-4000 Power Rack –

✅Best Weight Plates: FringeSport Black Bumper Plates –

✅Best Adjustable Dumbbells – PowerBlock Elite Series Adjustable Dumbbells:

✅Best Exercise Bike: Rogue Echo Bike –

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48 thoughts on “How to BUILD a $500 HOME GYM on AMAZON

  1. I really like the emphasis on the spotter arms. Absolutely the scariest thing ever to fail lifting back to the rack and have to struggle to get the weight off the chest. Will not go to failure alone without spotter arms ever again.

  2. I got the fitness reality cage with pulldown and 3-45s on each side on plate holders. Also on a wood platform. Maybe a little side-to-side movement when rocking it but no wobbling. Solid during actual use

  3. 8 months later: Hulk Fit bumper plate was $80. Now $180 and the $75 Cap barbell is now the $170 Cap barbell. Who woulda thought the price of steel and rubber would rise faster than gold?

    1. As of Feb 28, 2021, Hulkfit 45lb plates (there are now blue) is $184/each. For comparison, CAP 45 lb plates are $130/ea (all CAP plates are in stock). CAP 7′ barbell is $130.

  4. I have the Fitness Reality Power Rack and I’m very satisfied with it. The unexpected bonus of this rack is the holes on the pull-up bar which I use to put a carabiner for the DIY cable pulley setup I installed thanks to Garage Gym Review’s other video. Note that if you’re over 6′ tall, this rack might be on the short side for you.

  5. Great video, can you do an updated version of this for July? Prices are basically out of the park now on this stuff! Looks like Amazon is allowing sellers to price gouge gym equipment now!

  6. Retired national level bodybuilder here, great video. I still train to stay fit at 54 and do masters show once in awhile. My gyms been closed and stuck with rubber bands (Damn Covid19 LOL). You got good taste in equipment, thank you for the suggestions, Awesome video!!! I am going to build my own home gym so I am ready for the next plague!! Remember the government said this will not be the last one LOL!! Thank you again!!!

    1. @NukedPratorian well the squat rack hasn’t changed in price really, but weights are stupidly expensive

  7. Great overview despite glitchy video. Can’t wait for your video on $1,000 range. Finally clearing out my garage. I am thinking of putting in home gym for me & the family. Also subbed ❤️🤘

  8. Watching the Home Improvement shows the other day and I thought why not a 30-minute series of going into homes and helping people setup a home gym that works for their goals and home space? Coop, I think you could do such a show with great results and reach a much larger audience!

  9. Great video!! I like how you walked us through how/where to get them on Amazon/Walmart, etc. Plus, while you’re pointing out and choosing the equipment that’s for ‘this’ project, you point out stuff that’s a step up. And the quick shot of you doing chest w the dumbbells while the bench was rolling was pretty funny. I like that (it seems) you make it a point to be a real student of this area. Nice work… 👍👍

  10. Hey Coop, I have become a fan recently. I appreciate how you make videos where you explain things in detail and you show the best that’s out there but you also don’t take yourself too seriously and videos like this are great for those of us who are not interested in the high-end stuff. I have a suggestion, many people received a $1200 stimulus check and I wonder if you could make recommendations for American companies that would help American products and American workers for $1200. Obviously, most everything right now is out of stock but maybe for once things are getting restocked you could offer some suggestions including things outside of the squat rack like adjustable dumbbells, incline bench, and perhaps functional training tools?

  11. I bought my home gym set from wal mart for about 200. Bench inclines and declines. Has leg extension and a padded mount for curls. The bench press stand raises to be able to do squats. Comes with safety bars as well. I have a few plates and a set of adjustable dumb bells. Perfect for me

  12. First time watching you, honestly this guy deserves more subs. He knows what he’s talking about in terms of fitness basics, terminology, and workout diversity etc.

  13. Couple years ago I ended up buying a $60 CAP 6′ Oly bar from Walmart, and at a local fitness shop a squat stand for about $150 and a good bench for around $250. Plates came out to be about $1.20 per lb on average, I think. I did pretty well considering I didn’t know what I was looking for when I started shopping.

  14. I have the CAP barbell too, it’s been phenomenal. After 3 years of deadlifting, squatting, and benching with it, it has a very unnoticeable bend. I’d highly recommend it for those on a budget.

    1. How mine got destroyed when I did deadlift maybe I just got an off brand but it bent pretty hard when i put over 280 on it

    2. Matthew the 3rd it’s possible you just got a lemon. The only time I got any bend out of the bar was with at least 4 plates a side and even then I had the plates spaced out closer to the ends of the barbell.

    3. Most of the reviews say it’s good but some of them say the metal flakes off. Do you have any experience with that?

    4. Brandon Huynh I’ve had no problems with metal flaking off. I know another comment in here brought up that they wished there was knurling in the middle but, I find the matte finish creates enough friction that it’s not an issue for me. I’ve squatted with the bar too and was never worried about it rolling or slipping off my back.

  15. YES!! Do more of these for different budgets! Go into flooring, storage, and maybe even some heating and ac options as well🤷🏻‍♂️

  16. Seems like $800 to $1000 budget would make the most sense since weights are expensive and a more solid rack is good for safety reasons.

    1. Spock,Facebook market,dpop,eBay (can pick up some good quality 2nd hand stuff just gotta shop around and research (Full weight sets and benches and bars etc: I look for job lots )

    2. The squat rack is actually pretty solid. For 250 bucks, I do 400lbs squats all day with no problem. As for everything else, idk but this squat rack is the best purchase I have made In the past year 100%

    3. I spent around $600 on Titan Fitness for a squat cage, bench, barbell, land mine attachments and dip bar. So far over a year everything is good as new. Spent close to that amount just on weights to actually use to workout 😭

    4. @pberi19k lol it’s good to start out with the essential items though like what you got. Weights can always be added after especially with increased lifts but yeah a set of bumper plates can easily be >$500 after buying the equipment.

  17. Hey Coop, on topic of bands, do you have good recommendations for a substitute for the X3 bar?? X3 is just too expensive, and I’m not sure what I’ve seen would be strong enough. I’m just looking for a small strong compact bar to use with bands when traveling. Starting to consider just DIYing it with some pipe and fittings

  18. Hey Coop, this is pretty much my home gym. Only difference is I went with The Boss barbell since a lot of people reported The Beast splintering metal. I ended up ditching the Amazon Basics bench – it was not very stable. I picked up a bench from Rep Fitness on Black Friday.

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