Lets gooooooo! Another perfect 20 MINUTE WORKOUT FOR BEGINNERS! Certainly for gain goals!

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  1. This is a great workout…this is my first week converting over to calisthenics from body building and I definitely feel like this is a great start for me. Especially not knowing much about calisthenics other than push ups and pulls ups and dips.

  2. My second day doing this and some other work outs it’s hard but I feel so good after and accomplished. 🙏🏼❤️

  3. This makes my old routine feel easy damn I only made it 15 minutes in before I felt like passing out, I love this routine

  4. Got 13 mins through on my first try before I stopped to rest for the week. This is my second time at it and I managed to power all the way through with some longer breaks. Now I know when your body tells you to be lazy and comfortable, you can’t give in. YOU are the one in control.

    No matter who you are or where you’ve been, you can do it!

    1. this is so true. i’m pretty small and i have asthma so it was kicking in but i had to learn to control it and tell it that IM the boss. this is the way to success.

    2. The first time for me, after 20 min, it took me a full 10 min to catch my breath.

  5. First workout I’ve seen/done of yours and I gotta say you did something with this one got the whole body feeling it

  6. 0:24 – Jumping jacks
    0:57 – In place skips
    1:27 – Air squats
    1:57 – Push ups
    2:27 – Elbow planks
    2:57 – Superman’s
    3:27 – Arm rotations
    3:57 – Roof raises
    4:27 – Squat + Calf raises
    4:57 – Rest break
    5:27 – Side lunge squats (R)
    5:57 – Side lunge squats (L)
    6:27 – Pike press
    6:57 – Jump rope
    7:57 – Upright plank
    8:27 – Superman rows
    8:57 – Rest break
    9:27 – Jog in place
    9:57 – Fire hydrant (R)
    10:27 – Fire hydrant (L)
    10:57 – Plank ups
    11:27 – Elbow planks
    11:57 – Bunny hops
    12:27 – Bunny hops (backwards)
    12:57 – Rest Break
    13:27 – Knee strikes
    14:27 – March in place
    14:57 – Push up + arm raise
    15:27 – Rest break
    15:57 – Squat engines
    16:27 – Superman reach back
    16:57 – Side plank (L)
    17:27 – Side plank (R)
    17:57 – Kneeling squats
    18:27 – Negative push ups
    18:57 – Jack punches
    19:27 – Toe touches
    19:57 – Burpees

  7. Like si vienes de parte del xokas y lograste cumplir el reto al que nos desafío, 20 minutitos fáciles 💪🏻💪🏻

    1. Para los q hacen Actividad física hace mucho no me pareció nada difícil. Aunque algunos como LAS flexiones Sobre todo las lentas son desafiantes para principiantes

    2. Men lo acabo de hacer y si está para morirse pero todo es para no ser un foxas xd

    3. @osiris rodriguez tienes mucha razon bro, hago cardio HiiT diario de 20 min y esto tiene varios descansos , pense que terminaria mas cansado

  8. Made it all the way through after months of not working out! I’m 27, 5’8, 135 pounds hoping to make some gains finally. Your videos have always been very motivating for me! Thank you for the great work!

  9. Im 15 and I have been doing this workout twice a day along with your bicep/tricep (dumbbell) workout and i’d like to thank you for helping the community with these videos, although im already pretty healthy and fit your content keeps my body at balance while also dealing with school sports.THANK YOU 🙂

  10. Man, I love this video. Straight to the point. Haven’t worked out or exercised in over two years and this was the first thing I did to start. Was the perfect opening to restart our workout journey.

    1. @G Three the pandemic closed everything down. And other personal reasons I would like to not discuss. And during the two years my body started to breakdown. One day my left shoulder started hurting and I thought it was from stretching too hard while muscles tight or from work. It then spread to my left shoulder and it was hard to lift them up. And it continues to this day

  11. i just finished it now and im in a pool of sweat🔥i cant even breath normally,huge thanks for amazing workout❤️

  12. Billy, this 20 min workout got me sitting in a pool of sweat. More than what I could achieve in a hour of treadmill..THANKS.

    1. Same here bro I finally realized I need to do something with my life before I get made fun of more

  13. Today is my first day back to workouts after a long time more recently after beating Covid. This is just what I need my dude. Good looking out! See ya tomorrow!

  14. I was doing the 30 minute full body exercises faithfully (looked great for summer) then winter hit 🥴. So now I’m getting back into it and this was my first video back. I made it through but man I’m outta shape 🤪. Getting back to it! 💪🏽

  15. No talking, no ads, no plugging for overpriced shakes or bars. Just a king helping other kings/queens/monarchs get in shape.

  16. Lost a bunch of weight on your 20 minute no equipment set a year ago, but fell off for a little while. This video helped me get back into it. Thanks for the workout video and the inspiration. Mad respect for you and what you do 💪

  17. I still wonder why many people see exercise as difficult and pain. This stuff is damn good and enjoyable. Only when you see it as stress that it becomes one for you.

    1. As humans we are so uncomfortable with being uncomfortable for a little while! If it’s not instant change we have a hard time sticking with it

    2. I never understood how people see excersize as fun. I have always hated and avoided it. It makes me feel awful/sick and once I am done I never want to do it again. But I also dont want to die at 30 so thats why im here. I hate how this is mandatory for health and it brings me great frustration that I am forced to do this to be healthy. But nothing in this world is fun or easy, I am still struggling to accpet that. However I have recently discovered a form of excersize that is fun enough that I can ignore the pain easier. But I moved to a place where it isnt possible to do all the time so I am forced to do these excersizes. I dont know how long my motivation will last, but it needs to last if I plan on lasting long enough to see my later life.

    3. @Price82020 I really understood your point bro. I wish you can continue with those ones you enjoy. It’s all about finding what suits you.

  18. I hour of your workouts each day has got me jacked 💪🏼
    Thanks Bullyjuice keep the workouts coming, respect from the U.K 🇬🇧🤝🏼🇺🇲

    1. Great workout. My only issue was looking up and seen that the exercise had change. The notification wasn’t loud enough. Had to keep looking at the screen from certain positions. None the less I’ll make it work.👍🏽

  19. I haven’t done one of your full body/cardio sets in months. I’ve been focusing on weights more. I’m about to come back to your videos this week. It’s time I add those back to my sessions. Also: You looking like you slimmed down a bit. You look amazing, Bully.

  20. Im definately going to start using your channel to lose weight working out at 4am i just have to stick with it.God Bless Bro.

    1. It works. He helped me lose my quarantine weight. Those 10 pounds shedded off like butter last year.

    2. Start with his 2 weeks shred challenge, I lost 20lbs doing it for few months, basically repeating it with some breaks, now moving on 30 day challenge

    3. I use to wake up at 4 and do the 2 week challenge he had a while ago now I just do whatever from his channel

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