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39 thoughts on “Here Is The Worst HOME Gym Equipment

  1. Basic spinlock dumbells with some cast iron weights will do the job cheaply if you just want to lift weights and not look fancy pants.

  2. The problem with the Bowflex dumbbells is that their entirely too big. There are a variety of different exercises using dumbbells where these would not be very useful. Especially if you are in a space where the ceilings are very low.

  3. Cory: Don’t use preset dumbell!
    Me: Rice bag, water jug, scrap wood, and tires.

  4. Not true, the avergage person doesnt work out everyday. A set 0f 15 are nice for building muscle

  5. If he really knows what he’s talking about why isn’t he built like a Greek god? It’s like a mechanic telling you how great he is and drives around in an old wreck.

  6. I never really liked the bow flex adjustable dumbbells idk it’s just preference but I see the reasoning behind buying them over the standard dumbbells

    1. Get the cheap $100 set from rep or any other chinesium company.

  7. You can just increase your reps or decrease your rest to progress with regular dumbbells. You don’t need to spend close to $500 just so you can have two adjustable dumbbells.

    1. @Prateek Dawar I agree. Resistance is resistance. Your muscles don’t care if the resistance is coming from dumbbells, bands or your own bodyweight.

    2. There will come a point where u need 20 reps to start feeling a burn and u only need 8-12 reps for hypotrophy anything about that isn’t ideal for size

    3. ​@Xavierr_yt That’s true but if your fitness goal is to just hypertrophy your muscles then you’ll plateau with adjustable dumbbells also.

    4. @Vincent Vega yeah that’s why he said ur getting like 5 dumbbells in one instead of buying 5 u buy 1

    1. @Joey San Martin what about the guys who wants to bulk like me, like it’d be really helpful if he gives us some tips for bulking

    2. Eat food not fast food eat homemade and be in a slight calorie surplus and you gain some muscle and eat everyday and track your calories and workout

    3. If you look at his physique, it is certainly not in his goals. But 3 rules for adding on muscle; tear the muscle fiber (train heavy and hard), feed it (protein intake high, bodybuilding diet), and rest it (at least a day between muscle group, so watch your split). If you go to the Muscle and Strength platform, many many videos on bulking and such. Or join my gym (jk).

  8. How to get bigger forearms, which training from home to do in order to increase bigger arms?

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