10 minute Morning Yoga for Beginners

Join me in this quick and simple 10 minute morning yoga for beginners routine to stretch out stiffness and energize for a great day. 💙 FREE: 7 Day Beginner Yoga Calendar:

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00:00 welcome
00:12 Seated spinal waves
00:50 Side body stretches
01:40 Seated twist
02:20 Chest & shoulder stretch
02:56 Calf stretches
03:45 Downdog
04:41 Forward Fold
05:10 Unroll up to standing
05:35 Hip circles
06:40 Mountain pose
07:00 Halfway lift
07:15 Mini flow
08:00 Tabletop twists
09:00 Child's pose

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54 thoughts on “10 minute Morning Yoga for Beginners


  2. I’ve been doing Yoga for years. I really like this routine as it’s quick, it stretches me out, and gets my day started~

  3. Ive just started yoga at home using this video and it’s great, thank you 😊

  4. I really enjoyed this video. I couldnt believe how quickly the 10 minutes went by. Thanks so much for this content.

  5. I love her directions! They’re so clear and understandable. 🙂 Other instructors yoga terms and I have no idea what they mean so I have to constantly look at the screen, but this one was just perfect

    1. This is so true… her directions allow you to completely flow in your moves which is the whole idea of the relaxation of yoga 🙏🏼👌🏼

  6. Jesus I’m really weak, my legs were shaking the whole time, thank you for this I feel so loose and not tense, I’ll update in a year and tell you my progress!

  7. This is my favorite beginner’s yoga routine! I had no idea yoga could make me feel so much better until I started here. I even downloaded it to take it to the beach!

  8. I performed this routine for 2 weeks every morning. To be totally honest it has been transformational and I’ve noticed significant improvements in both my physical and mental wellbeing. The most surprising was the boost to my sense of proprioception and the confidence that comes with it. Well played, SarahBethYoga, well played 🙂 Thank You!!!

  9. It’s the first time I tried yoga and this is perfect for me, not too difficult poses and I knew everyone says yoga is calming but damn feeling it firsthand felt great, I felt amazing after I tried it! Although my body is a little sore because I have literally never worked out before…when I was younger I thought I didn’t need exercise cause I was skinny but yeah, I’ve learnt my lesson cause I feel like a rusted car these days

  10. I’ve only just started to take up yoga, and I won’t lie it is quite difficult, mainly because I’m not flexible, but hopefully over time I’ll get better.

    1. I literally went oh ok this one I got and she was like thread the needle and I went wait what nooo my neck got a workout from me looking up Everytime I thought I did something wrong or she changed position

    2. I’m with you. I am not flexible either, I cant’ even bend my legs while sitting, I have to keep them straight

    3. @Vertical kind of. I mean I’ve started to notice that it doesn’t hurt as much, but I’m still improving.

  11. I do this sequence most days bc it really helps my back. When I started I had to do the video at 0.75x speed and had difficulty holding the poses. Now I do it normal speed, comfortably, and usually end up doing another video as well. I appreciate this!

    1. SF LG SF பூ we we EU kis ki ஈர் இரு ஈர் இரு ஏற் we iiu R on add இல் u இரு பெரும் பங்கு வகிக்கிறது இன் ஈர் இன் எறு ஈர் ஹ்

  12. This routine is the most relaxing thing to start the day with. I was always nervous to try yoga because I thought it would be hard, but since doing your videos it’s something I love now. Thank you ❤

  13. You may just be my saving grace. I am a full time, single mom and have been working from home for almost a year now. And I just did this routine on my first fifteen minute break. THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart.

    1. As a stay at home mom with a start up home business, girl, you deserve those 10 minutes for yourself everyday. You are doing an amazing job and I know how difficult it can be. Take this time for yourself <3 be proud of you. I love you

    2. ^^ it really does make a difference. SAHM and work from home business woman! It’s amazing to be able to do both but we need to pour in as much as we put out. This 15 mins really keeps me balanced. My body just feels better!

  14. this is the first time i’ve ever done yoga, and i’ve literally never felt so calm and relaxed. thank you, definitely adding this to my morning routine

  15. quickest 10 minutes EVER oh my goodness this was seriously what I needed. Thanks much for the amazing content! <3

    1. awww! that’s the first time someone’s hearted my comment! that means a lot, thanks 🙂

  16. Finally a video where I dont have to bring my leg around my neck and kiss my toes while standing on the other leg.

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    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you @SarahBethYoga this was my fist time yoga session it didn’t even feel like ten minutes. I may not have been able to stretch like the instructor but this was still very nice.

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