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37 thoughts on “When people say yoga is just a bunch of poses…

  1. I have been doing yoga for a little over 3 years and I wish I could do some of the hand balance poses. I will be able to one day just need to keep practicing because Yoga is all about becoming your best self.

  2. This is excellent. Thank you for the words you posted in this. They are as important as the yoga, if not more.

  3. I took a yoga course a few months ago and it was so hard! I had sore muscles in places I didn’t even know muscles existed! Definitely an impressive sport!

  4. *Flawless*
    To get to this smooth shifting from one pose to another must have certainly taken all your patience!
    Its beautiful ♥️🙏

  5. Stunning, such fluid transitions. Much like an art form. Thanks for the inspo to persist

  6. Wow that’s awesome! So beautiful flow of poses! It looks like you’re dancing 😍

  7. Yoga is about creating space and peace within. The postures help to release so that ultimately you can just sit in peace with yourself.

    If you can breath, you can practice yoga.

    1. Hey Olivia yes a few of my creative flows have similar sequencing. If you search for a flow on my channel called fluid vinyasa flow I think you will enjoy it.

  8. you have a nice flow. i studied yoga for many years, even traveling to India study more deeply. One thing i see people forget most often is their breath, and that for every posture there should be a counter posture- otherwise you’re just doing tricks

  9. This is gorgeous and this resonates with me so much. I recently tried yoga and my teacher kept pushing us persevere to our limits. I went to 3 classes, my body felt broken the next day, couldn’t lift my arms or legs with how sore my muscles were. She told me to push through it. I refused. I can push myself easily and hurt myself, I don’t know how to pace myself. I hope I could find a teacher with your mindset.

    1. Im really sorry you had that experience. I had the opposite experience and my teacher told me that I didn’t need to give 110% every practice. That was a real aha moment for me and I finally allowed myself to go easier and since that day my practice had been less about a performance and more about enjoyment.

    2. @Charlie Follows ah I hope to find that someday. I’ve learned to pace myself with how far I stretch but it’s so easy for me to not feel my muscles boundaries and still need to learn to get a feel for that.
      Hopefully one day I’ll find that. In the meantime I’m grateful for people like you that help validate and make us aware of this.

    3. ​@Mordecai is sad the greatest yoga choice I did was to buy good and stable mat for home and do yoga with adriene here on YouTube, my body doesn’t aches from yoga no more, I’m honestly done with classes. I also have ADD and have a hard time following and concentrating, so it’s really nice that I can pause the teacher when there’s too much flow 😅

  10. Yoga is one of the hardest forms of exercise I have tried. You think they’re just poses until you have to *hold* the poses for what seems like an eternity and your stamina runs out seemingly at the speed of light.. Much respect!

    1. Haha yes it’s very deceiving. My first teacher was in her sixties and she put me to shame, she was amazing and from that day I decided I wanted to be like her

  11. I am in love with this flow…you are really inspiring.. thank you.. i tell my husband, i found my yoga guru 😊

    1. @Charlie Follows hello, is there a full video for where this was taken.. would love to try this

    2. @Rabya Yosuf hey yes i have a few creative flows on my channel that include sequences like this ☺️

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