The Best Home Gym Equipment to Build Muscle at Walmart

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31 thoughts on “The Best Home Gym Equipment to Build Muscle at Walmart

  1. Why buy at Walmart ? The way they treat their workers should be the main reason not to buy anything there.

  2. I have bought most of my equipment from Walmart. Dumbbells, several racks, bar bells, adjustable weights, kettlebells and bumper weights. I have also bought some stuff at Dicks as well. I still hit the gym but enjoy working out n da yard as well! Walmart is alright.

  3. Walmart also sells the Olympic Weight set with the barbell and the equivalent of 45 lbs weights. It was $120 when I bought last year. Worth it’s price especially when you consider a gym membership at planet fitness is the cost of this one item per year. You save more money doing it at home people!

  4. I use adjustable dumbbells. They’re costly but they are easy to manage and store in my home gym

  5. If you want to do kettlebells, best thing to do is build a T-handle kettlebell with weights and pipes. I did that, spent $100 on the same amount of weight that would have cost over $1000 in a kettlebell set

  6. If you have the money and can afford it the best option is probably the tonal

  7. Pull up bar, Jump Rope, Med Ball for slamming, mat for: core work, push ups and burpees. Also get a cheap 50 Lb bag of sand and or rubber mulch put it in an old back pack.

  8. I’ve had a set of bow flex for longer than I’ve lived and when they were given to me it was great because you can adjust the weight to progressively overload

    1. @Eric Turner they are cheaper now, they were expensive back then cause they were the new “thing”

  9. Spot on man. I have a small basic home gym. Had almost that exact barbell stand for years. A friend gave me some dumbells, a bar and plates. I bought a chin up bar and recent a kettlebell. The kettle bell is great for home work outs on lighter days imo.

    Only other thing I’m thinking is either an ab roller, the push up handles or a dip station. Hard to know which to get first..

    1. @Fox boi thanks, great advice. I’ve started looking into these and you’re right. Dips, as well as knee tucks and leg raises, plus reverse push ups to help with pull up developments are all things I definitely need to do.

    2. Push handles are okay but after a couple months you won’t use them ab roller and dip station are more useful in my opinion

    3. @Mahrod Roof thanks so much, that’s very good advice. I hate the idea of buying stuff that I won’t use often, spent too many previous years doing that! I have my eyes on a dip station which has push up handles built into it. Will cost a lot, but it’ll be worth it

    4. Just get a pull up power tower, with dip bars.

      Hell, you can even use resistance bands in combination with the pull up tower.

      Edit: Look online through apps like Letgo. There are plenty of quitters who sale workout equipment for even half the price they bought it for.

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