How to Use Gym Equipment | Beginner’s Guide

Hello, my loves!
Going to the gym can already be hard enough itself, nevertheless learning how to use any of the equipment! Therefore, I've compiled a video of some basic gym equipment most gyms should have.
Know that many machines operate similarly (as you'll see in the video), so even though I'm not covering all the machines in the entire world, you should be able to successfully work most machines using these same methods.
Always be sure to refer back to the instructions on the machine if you need help and never ever be afraid to ask someone for assistance!
Let's go chase those gainzzzzzz, babesssss.

How to Use Lower Body Machines |
How to Use Upper Body Machines |
How to Use Gym Equipment Free Weights |
How to Use Gym Equipment Cables |

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86 thoughts on “How to Use Gym Equipment | Beginner’s Guide

    ALWAYS keep your back straight, NEVER use your spine to pull anything while in the gym. Notice how this girl is keeping her back straight in the clips. A lot of novice people get back injuries and blame the gym, don’t be one of them!

    1. most forms in this videos are purely wrong or they don’t explain main things to avoid, if you get back injury/hernia when doing something different than deadlifts and squats you are just the dumbest on the universe and shouldn’t go gym without a trainer lol

  2. Gyms should start offering tutorials on how to use their machines when you first get a membership to cut out the embarrassment and anxiety of asking for help. It would save people a lot of trouble

    1. Yes, like Orientation on your first day. I want to know how to use everything even if I don’t plan on using it.

    2. In fairness, Gyms are meant to teach you these things so you don’t hurt yourself. The ones in the UK often do an induction where you get shown things plus go through a plan with what helps the individual.

    3. I agree. The only reason I would guess that they don’t is a subtle way to get people to hire a personal trainer

    4. Yeah. They’d cut down on injuries as well as damaged equipment. And they’d probably retain members because they wouldn’t be so terrified of looking like “that guy”.

  3. Naomi, that was a very sweet thing you did for so many people out there with that fear. It was very informative too. Everyone is trying to get gains, and you just inspired a lot of people to take the leap, and do it. Great job.

  4. I’ve always been nervous to go to the gym, but recently my husband and I started going together. That helped, but both of us have been intimated by not knowing how to use a lot of the machines, but I’ve gotten tired of worrying what others think of me! I’m doing this for my health, and I won’t let anyone stop me from doing what I need to do to get in shape and feel good!

    1. First you don’t know, then you know! Simple as that and much better than first you don’t know and continue not knowing 🤞

  5. Bro they should implement some classes at every gym that teach you how to use each machine, this looks so complicated lmao

    1. My gym has trainers that you can ask.
      But I’m too socially awkward/ nervous to ask 😅

    2. they do, it’s called personal training and hella expensive lol I’ve become so depended on my trainer that I don’t even know how to adjust the machines as he does it for me…. that’s why I’m here

    3. at UK gyms u get a free induction when you sign up and they show u how to use everything lol

    4. @passdaboof yeah In my gym in Germany too. And I can always ask a trainer about a specific machine

    5. And then make the class “required when you join” so it’s not awkward asking or help. Like “look at those guys. They signed up for the newbie class” lol

  6. Hey, there! 👋🏼
    Be sure to check out my other videos on how to use gym equipment linked in the description above ❎ that include: “Free Weights”, “Cables”, “Upper Body Machines”, and “Lower Body Machines”!
    ❓If you have any other fitness questions for me, make sure to search the topic you have a question about across my channel to see if I might already have a video about it!
    Have the best day, babes. 💙

    1. i know im asking the wrong place but does someone know a way to log back into an Instagram account?
      I was dumb lost the login password. I love any tricks you can offer me!

  7. One of the biggest things that has prevented me from seeing the effects of working out is my hesitance to do anything beyond cardio out of fear of looking stupid. So thank you for this video. I appreciate it.

    1. Erin Rose Of course! Happy to be of help. 🥰 I posted a few more updates videos on how to use gym equipment linked in the description! ❤️

  8. Me a confused baby Yoda at the gym: pretends I’m catching my breath and scrolling through my Spotify playlist while actually googling how to use machines

  9. Good luck to everyone going to the gym for the first time, remember we all started where you are 👍

  10. 1:20 : Leg Press
    2:41 : Assisted Pull Up/Dips
    3:42 : Pec Fly/Rear Delt
    4:39 : Leg Extension
    5:28 : Cables
    6:14 : Lat Pull Down
    6:45 : Seated Cable Row
    7:11: Squat Rack
    8:20 : Smith Machine
    8:57 : How to Adjust a Bench

  11. Thank you so much for this video. I started going to the gym for the first time ever this week and I went back this morning hella confident after watching this. When I went Tues and Wednesday i wanted to try the out the machines but I felt like everyone was staring and judging. The machines aren’t as intimidating after you try it out. I became obsessed with trying every piece of equipment. I ended up working out for 2 hours and it was fun. Can’t wait to go back Monday. I’m sore but still motivated. Can’t wait to show off my gains!

    1. MakeUpWhore6 YES GIRL. Love that mindset and determination! Keep killin it! So proud! 🤩❤️🙏🏼🙌🏼

  12. LMFAO this was me til I registered how much I was paying monthly for my membership. Then I grabbed a employee and made them explain how to use every machine I wanted to use 😁.

    1. I’m actually an employee at PF – PLEASE do this!! It’s your membership that you pay for, so you deserve the help you need. We would much rather have someone ask for help than feel useless and embarrassed at a gym.

  13. Lol Im in the gym and I sat on the inner thigh outer thigh thing and I didn’t know how to use it so I ran to the locker room and started searching so I could go back and do it correctly😭😂. This video is very helpful thank u♥️

  14. This is my favorite workout video I have seen. I have been doing cardio for years and I’ve lost about 60 lbs that way but I’ve always been so hesitant to move on to weight training because I’m scared of looking stupid. This was super helpful!

    1. Shelby Caldwell Awh, TYSM. 🙏🏼🙏🏼 You are amazing! Keep killin it! 🤩🤩💪🏼💪🏼😘😘

  15. The only problem with this video is almost every gym has a different “type” of the same machine with different pin/lever etc 😁😁😂

    1. true! i signed up on a new gym today and the machines and stuff were different from the ones found in this video😂

    2. If there is someone at the front desk just ask them how to adjust the machine u want to use. Most of the time they are more than happy to show u

  16. I kept in shape almost solely demonstrating different workouts for my clients, giving them a perfect visual of the movement. Great video; very clear and concise!!

  17. I can not tell you how much I appreciate this. I love working out and I love the gym but my fear of looking like an absolute idiot on the machines and my anxiety has always deterred me from trying out different things or just being fully in the workout and enjoying it. This has honestly gave me sooo much more confidence so a massive thank you!! ☺️💛

    1. Zoe ._. Awh, u are the sweetest! TYSM. ❤️❤️ I’m just here to help out in whatever way I can. 😘

    2. I’ve been using the rowing machine wrong for years but I got a flat stomach and increased strength , endurance and overall fitness. As long as you’re feeling good and enjoying it don’t let idiots at the gym put you off. It’s as much your gym as it is theirs

    3. dumbbells will always be favourite but i want to try the machines but it’s scaring me 💀

  18. cant even begin to tell you how much gym anxiety i had because i didnt wanna look like an idiot not knowing how to adjust the equipment and such. thank you for this!

    1. 09mkmkmk Awh, of course! Sending all the love ur way and wishing u the best of luck! 💖

    2. Same, I only stick to like two machines as I’m scared to use the other ones, and I use the ones furthest away from everyone. It sucks

    3. Well this happened to me, today was my first day in gym! And i didn’t know how to use any of the equipment, and i felt so bad

  19. NOthing more embarrassing than looking like a fool on the equipment, and not knowing what to do. One of the reasons I don’t go to the gym.

    1. Lily Raimey Yes! It takes time to get comfortable and it’s a constant work in progress. It took me two years before I was fully confident and I still get days where I’m like wtf am I doing again?? 🙈 Keep workin at it, girl! 💪🏼

    2. Lily Raimey i find it more embarassing to not be active and complain on my body

    3. Gurll,, Let me tell you two facts: one, everytime I go to the gym there would be at least one person who looking like an idiot. Two, no one cares.
      But if ever someone is feel so superior to you and stares, stare them back or ask them “can I help you” or “wtf?”

    4. True, it’s embarrassing and I feel the same way but that shouldn’t be a reason not to go to the gym. Instead, get to know the machines and learn how to properly use them even if it takes going to youtube first.

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