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35 thoughts on “Pilates Tip #1: Where to look during abs.👀 #pilates

  1. When I take off my arms and keep my position,my neck get so tight and painful.
    How can i make it easy?

  2. Thank you so much Nicole like this content really helps a lot💖. Can you please make vedio regarding correcting body posture please

  3. This is a great tip. I been crunching my neck accidentally too often, not noticing till it is uncomfortable

  4. Your beginners series is the BEST! I’m starting to actually get in shape and I’m definitely stronger.

  5. This is the best idea ever!! I found that correct posture is the key to everything. I get most of it right but every now and then I have a moment when I finally realize how a posture is being done correctly. This might help come to those realizations much faster. I have also wondered if you could make a tutorial for more difficult yoga asanas such as dancer pose. You explain extremely well.

    1. Thank you! I’ll definitely keep posting some helpful tips. I’ll also try to include some advanced yoga poses for you too.🥰

    1. Yes your explanation and reminder every time you say it make me refocus.Thanks for being in my daily routine

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