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37 thoughts on “My Pilates workout routine

  1. What the… I thought Pilates was like a thing where you just roll around on one of those big exercise balls

    1. i mean she’s an olympic gold medalist and canada’s most decorated olympian… since she’s an athlete at that level, i think she deserves to have personalized sessions 💀

  2. You don’t need these equipment lol. You can do hardcore pilates with a mat and youtube tutorial lol

    1. @Miae my personal sessions ran 120 per session but it also depends on tier of gym and trainer.

    1. She’s an Olympic athlete, her getting the best exercise is probably something that she’d splurge a lot of money on

  3. That’s what Pilates is…. I thought it was like a group yoga thing. I need to go to Pilates

    1. There are different levels to Pilates. Pilates mat classes are done in groups, on a mat with props to help beginners (like blocks), then there are reformer classes which are more expensive. The thing she is gliding on is the reformer. I’ve never seen that machine that shes pulling up on but this is a private reformer session so that’s why she’s doing so much

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