30 MIN FULL BODY CRUSHER – HIIT WORKOUT with weights, dumbbells I no repeat I stronger together

Ready for a brand new Full Body Crusher Workout? Grab your dumbbells (or water bottles) and train with us today, INTENSE FULL BODY HIIT Workout, ready, set, go!


👉🏼 Duration: 30 Minutes
👉🏼 Equipment: Dumbbells or Water Bottles
👉🏼 50 Sec Work, 10 Sec Rest
👉🏼 Level: Medium to Advanced
👉🏼 No Repeat, 30 Different Exercises

5 Min Warm Up
20 Min Workout
5 Min Cool Down


Tabata is an advanced level of the workout and is not suitable for beginners. If you are a newbie start with simple and easy exercise before attempting Tabata. Performing Tabata, in the beginning, might strain your muscles and you may get injured.

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34 thoughts on “30 MIN FULL BODY CRUSHER – HIIT WORKOUT with weights, dumbbells I no repeat I stronger together

  1. it’s amazing that even when the male trainer took breaks, the female trainer kept going! very motivating for all of us women watching at home

  2. One of the best workouts out there! Thank you for making this available to us and keep up the awesome work!’

  3. I just finished this workout and it was great! Thank you! My muscles are gonna be screaming tomorrow.

  4. One of my go to workout videos! So challenging but enjoyable! Thank you Anna ❤️

  5. I love when trainers show a human side and take breaks! Thanks for keeping it real and spicy!

  6. amazing…..killer workout! My muscles were shaking at the end. I love the challenge. Anna’s workouts never disappoint. 💯❤

  7. I like how the guy was taking some breaks in between, while Anna keeps on going like a champ 💪🏻

    1. Yeap ☺️.He is fit ,but obvious he is not used with this kind of exercises, maybe he is doing a lot in the gym, and now because he changed the the type of exercises is very difficult for him. Great job !

    2. @Pilates&more -Oana Ban maybe he just took a break. Bc I was sick a few days ago so I couldn’t exercise, and I had to take break bc I wasn’t used to it. But I’m back in shape !

  8. Finally a video that gets to the point, easy to follow, you can prepare for the next exercise and even the trainers get tired. Liked, in my favourites and subscribed!

  9. I loved the pace. This was a good one! Love the variety of your workouts. Thanks Anna!

  10. This was hard for me to get through. But I will be doing it until I smash it! 💪🏻

  11. This was AWESOME! Didn’t realize I could get such a good cardio workout with weight training! Marking this as a favorite.

  12. Thank you so much for putting up this workout video. You both were amazing. It gives me a goal to do better.

  13. 5 months before, this workout was dificult for me. Now, 5 months later, it’s strong, but i did it easy! Thank you for this Anna !!! 🧡

  14. I loved this workout! I specifically look for videos that have no repeats and that have a timer. The choices of exercises were awesome. I wish there were 5, maybe 10 additional seconds between exercises to get in the position I needed or to grab different weights, otherwise nothing but positive feedback.

  15. How could ppl dislike any free training video? APPRECIATE! This is great thing that they gave to the world

    1. haha, I’ve been wondering the same, how can someone dislike a workout?

  16. You know, it was a very successful workout when you can hardly hold your phone afterwards 🥵 love it 🥰

  17. the fact that you also need short breaks in between during the workout makes me feel better

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