Effective Weight loss Cross trainer | 800 calories per hour 🔥😱

Agaro cross trainer Full Detailed Review Video-

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40 thoughts on “Effective Weight loss Cross trainer | 800 calories per hour 🔥😱

  1. Anna neenga weight loss panathenga fit ah irrukenga neenga 😍

  2. Neenga thaan bro unmaiya pesareenga….niraiya Peru sollave yosippanga free nu ….true person

    1. Avare promotion pannikitrukaaru😂😂😂😂😂😂😂true person aamla

    2. ​@Sakthi Vignesh 😂adhu dha free sonna la apo va ellarukum thariyum promotion video nu ithu la thaniya vera sollanuma

    3. 100% true…unmaiya sola matanga,avanga sontha kaasa potu vaanguna maathri soluvanga

  3. Thankyou so much brother Nan vagano do they deliver all over India I’m from Karnataka kgf

    1. bro ithu waste product calories எல்லாம் burn ஆகாது சும்மா gimmick

    2. ​@SPEED 2Xyes onnum aagadhu.. fitness trackerla paarunga onnum improvement irukkadhu

    3. ​@Veniga Kalidas after 2months of regular use ….mutti vazhi vandrum….jocking is best

  4. Bro this equipment is not advisable.. i have used this equipment… Semmaya knee pain varum… Even after regular usage also…iduku treadmill use panradhey Better ah irukum..

  5. Please genuine review bro…no promotion இதுக்கு வேர வேலை பார்க்கலாம்

    1. Review unit nu Koda genuine ah mention panirukaru bro. Other YouTubers ithu Koda mention pana mataga. Even they need to earn right.

    2. He openly admits it’s a promotion
      To buy or not to buy is your own choice.

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