Who knew? It seriously makes a huge difference 💤 #shorts #wellness #fitness #fitness #pilates

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58 thoughts on “Who knew? It seriously makes a huge difference 💤 #shorts #wellness #fitness #fitness #pilates

  1. You’re right! I tell everyone this but no one listens! I’m very slim at 115 lbs, I don’t always work out but I ALWAYS get enough sleep. If I am behind on sleep I make sure to go to bed early the next night or sleep in that weekend. 100% if you sleep more you have more natural energy and need/crave less food, and look younger… It is called “beauty rest” for a reason. Not a secret, but no one remembers this! If you chronically miss sleep please try sleeping well and see what a difference it makes

  2. as a person who lift and sleep at 2am this is so accurate, thank you i definitely need to sleep more

  3. Not easy for everyone to do! Some people have chronic sleep issues. To all my people who suffer (literally suffer bc it sucks soo bad) I feel for you. You’re not alone.

  4. college students crying rn. literally impossible to have a sleep schedule w classes, work, and homework assingments.

    1. It’s not impossible you just have to prioritize sleep and what you do with your awake time. College time management is just preparing you for the adulting to come when you’re working and/or have a family and social life and household to manage. motherly advice from mama of 5….
      (I did my bachelors degree while working and also a single mom- it can be done! just don’t go on your phone for social media more than half hour a day)

    2. ​@Ashley Carone Not everyone has the option to just not have a job on top of classes if they want to have education, so no, that’s not true.

    3. @M __ I always worked in college…my first few years I did Starbucks opening shifts, then when I was in clinicals working on call I cleaned houses and flipped airbnbs because it was flexible work. It is possible to work, go to school and make it work. Easy? No. Possible absolutely. I also made time for friends and working out and for the latter part of my college career…was a single mom. So, it is possible you just have to have a very strong why. I literally was cleaning toilets in between preschool dropoffs and finals to make it work.

  5. Yes. The time you also go to sleep is a factor. Once I started to go to sleep between 10pm & 12am it helped my body exponentially

  6. True, things I do not underestimate anymore, doesn’t matter what: sleep, water and stretching. 😩 Whatever I do, I can’t have little of these or things really go downhill FAST.

  7. I feel this so hard. I’m still nursing through the night for a ten month old and the lack of sleep is making so hard to lose weight. This is such an under rated weight loss tool

  8. i’m literally crying right now i think you just solved all of my problems. i worked out and ate healthy for years now and i used to cry all the time bc nothing would change or things would get worse. it makes so much sense though. i guess i just needed this simple reminder. i know this video probably wasn’t supposed to be THAT deep, but i cannot say THANK YOU enough for this bc i think you just saved me. thank you for everything you do❤️

    1. I’m not sure if that’s the only problem. I’m someone who’s still going through weight loss journey. and I sleep in the morning, my process is a little bit slow because of that and stress etc but I still lost 16kg throughout 9 months.

      I suggested you do a check or see your doctor

  9. I’m in the military and my sleep schedule changes everyday, we usually get 2-4 hours of sleep twice a day at a rotating time. But sometimes you miss one of your blocks because of work or sometimes you have to choose to sleep or to eat, to sleep or to do laundry, to sleep or to workout. It’s really rough! It’s not always like that but it’s so taxing physically and mentally.

  10. *go to bed*
    **with that little hand flourish**
    is exactly the kind of big sisterly advice I’m needing in my life ♡

  11. It is not about sleeping enough, but having an efficient sleep.
    Having a regular and schedule adapted to your chronotype is the key.

    1. @M yes! you don’t want to oversleep nor do you want to undersleep. 8-10 hours is a great time frame.

    2. @M or it could hypersomnia, which means sleeping more is actually a good thing, I need 16 hours of sleep to not be tired the next day😅

    3. well maybe this just isn’t for you! everyone’s different. try talking to your doctor!! 🙂

  12. *Sees this at 4:35 am to wake up at 7*
    “Ong fr? I didn’t know I needed more sleep-“

    1. The revenge bedtime procrastination in me sees the revenge bedtime procrastination in you lol. This video is geared more to the 5-6 hr a night people who are less into self sabotage 😅

    2. @j a y l a ! wow I couldn’t tell with the first comment, thank you for adding 2 extra

  13. Me, sleeping 8 to 9 hours a day: “Hm…that must be it, yes. Sleep deprivation.”

    1. Your body may just need more sleep. 8 is the GENERAL amount. Your body has its own needs. You could also be over sleeping

    2. changes also do take time, doing maybe two workout sessions a day might help
      but damn good for you share your secrets 😩

    3. Being unconscious doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going through REM cycles. For example my fiancé always falls asleep super fast and says I am terrible at sleep because I’m all night. But because I’m up all night I know that he tosses and turns and mumbles and twitches and then needs multiple cups of coffee the next day but claims he slept great… it’s possible you’re sleeping great and there are other factors at play but just wanted you to consider quality of sleep

    4. I need at least 10-11 or i’ll feel a bit drowsy. Not sure why.

  14. As an insomniac this really hurt… I haven’t gotten more than 6 hours of sleep in a while.

    1. Yh same having chonic insomia is not fun. (It is currently 12:40am and im really struggling to sleep.)

    2. I’m with you. I was like ” WHAT iF YOU’RE AN INSOMNIAC?!!!” Cus we can’t just sleep more. I would not be seeing a doctor for two year and suffering for seven if I could just sleep more.

    3. Same there’s been times where I’ve slept at 5a and have to get up for work 7:30a
      My usual time 3:00a 😬

  15. i keep seeing this and i’ve taken it as a sign i can’t sleep at 5 in the morning

    1. Try to do yoga nidra meditation from Sri Sri Ravishankar Guru, it helped me a lot

    1. Start playing different murder/horror podcasts
      You get some sleep
      Your child is asleep
      Your child likes murder

    2. Yeah the sleep training isn’t going very smoothly with this one. Which is funny because she was sleeping through the night for a while so I thought we had a unicorn. Oh well! She will figure it out eventually 🙃

    3. @B  I’m so sorry🥺 am not a mum but I was old enough to help mum put my little ones to bed.

      My little sister, as soon as she was put in the bilum (In Papua New Guinea most of us put babies in a bilum/woven bag and use a rope to tie to a ceiling or hook or branch and swing to sleep) my sister would just sleep. If we so much as toss the bilum on her, she would just sleep 😅

      – we put a laplap/piece of cloth in the bilum to protect and keep babies warm and put baby in 🥳🥳 it’s so cute

      Mama said I was easy to deal with, I’d sleep if she told me it was sleep time 😭 even today as soon as I’m told it’s sleep time I just go find my teddy bear and sleep 😭😭

      Hopefully your little one is gonna let you get some rest sometime soon. Mama had 6 of us, so glad we helped around with the little ones.

  16. Not me up at 2:03 am watching this vid 😐🫣

    Edit: mum! Look! I’m famous!! ❤️

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