Pilates tips for dream body

Do these simple exercises and build your dream body with Pilates only 3 times aweek!

I have a 2-week Pilates challenge! During this challenge I give you different Pilates workouts (beginner-friendly) and motivational tips.

If you get this Challenge for a year you’ll also get access to my e-books and a diet plan.


✅ 2 weeks "Get Toned Challenge":

✅If you struggle with bloating:

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48 thoughts on “Pilates tips for dream body

  1. Realtalk, your healthiest body should be your dream body. Don’t chase trends, they change constantly and exist solely so you never feel good about yourself and keep on buying products and courses. If you are physically and mentally healthy, your body is perfect.

    Because also remember, a lot of the times the “dream body” you’re striving for is impossible to achieve.

  2. A dream body for me is more muscular . I’ve been slim my entire life and I’m tired of it. Not all girls want to have a model body

  3. Best way to reach your dream body is to love the one you’re in! Remember that your body is taking care of you and is keeping you alive every day! Treat it with the same love and respect 🙂

    1. @Tora’s Town not everyone is miserable as you n weighs 1000kg without workin out.. fascinating i know but majority of ppl have a fit body without working out 😨

    2. @Tora’s Town when you start loving you, u start caring for you and things fall in place.

  4. Unfortunately only lifting will give me MY dream body, but I love yoga and Pilates for active rest days!

  5. That set is so beautiful! (You too of course!) Could you share where it’s from please?

  6. Quick question what if you don’t have a core you just have flab waving in the wind?

  7. None of this matters if you don’t eat right. You can’t eat cake, Oreos and Doritos then go exercise for 30 minutes and expect to look like this woman. Diet is 90% of the battle to being in shape

    1. ​@asthina ♡ fruits, veggies, meat, food that is rich with protein like chicken breast etc… Fish is also healthy. Eggs, nuts etc… You can try 80/20 method when you eat helathy food 80℅ of time and 20℅ you eat your favorite snacks, fast food , sweets, cakes etc…. For example, if you eat 3 times a day you eat 2 meals of helathu food and onr meal is your favorite snack. 😃

    2. @just_Faith ok but what types of dishes specifically??? and are they usually low cal too

    3. @asthina ♡ yess, raw fruits and veggies 🥦🥕🌽 are low cal food. You can make salads out of them and eat it like that. Chicken breast or any kind of meat (except pork) are good in any way of cooking except fried. Also fried eggs, nuts…

    4. @asthina ♡ bro just google it. not everyone knows what’s going to be best for you. you need to figure that out yourself.

  8. I did my hour of Pilates this morning for my dream body then I dreamt about beer and tacos. Obviously I had to Chase the Dream that was obtainable!

    1. @Blissedhappiness Karina Blackwood both! but beer and tacos defeat the dream body. I’m ok with being thick!

    2. ​@Brandon Lthat doesn’t defeat the purpose!!! Keep at it even if u eat ‘junk’ food and u will reap the benefits

  9. Don’t workout for a Sixpack
    Don’t workout for Abs
    Don’t workout for a nice butt
    Workout so you can play with your kids in the future
    Workout for a good posture
    Workout so you can lift heavy groceries by yourself

    1. I can lift heavy groceries no matter if thin or fat,not everyone wants kids&you can have great posture with stretching. if someone wants a nice body because it gives them confidence they should go for it. everyone has their own wishes & if they desire the peach booty they shall be allowed to do so.

  10. Lmao it’s the 10k of walking that’s gonna slim you down not Pilates. Pilates are for people who are already thin

    1. No, pilates makes you stronger and makes your muscles thiner but 10k steps help as well

    2. Walking is cardio… keeps heart strong which is a muscle that needs to work out..Pilates helps..weights help.. find what you love to do some ppl have this body some don’t, we won’t all look the same but we can be better fitter in our own way, go for it! Diet is key your inner numbers matter.

    3. Coming from a pilates instructor & studio owner- Pilates is for everyone 💗 no matter what body type. It can (and does) definitely help people lose weight, just as cardio can as well

    4. @Nicole MadisonI don’t think it works for everyone. I did blogilates religiously for 5 months and had 0 changes. when I switched to cardio I saw results after 2 weeks. I think everyone needs to find what makes their body tick.

    1. Yeah like Lizzo thinks she has a dream body and no men wants to date her..

    2. @Ivan M lmao she’s literally engaged. Just because someone is overweight does not mean they don’t get or are undeserving of love. Grow up.

  11. Should i tuck my pelvis in while i do plank, squat or donkey kick? Let me know pls.. And you are amazinggg

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