How to do weight training at home without weights or dumbbell #Shorts #workout #weightloss

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18 thoughts on “How to do weight training at home without weights or dumbbell #Shorts #workout #weightloss

  1. vaise mai bada sakht hu lekin yr yha mai pighal gya aaya to weight loss karne tha but jaa rha hu energy lose karke❤ love you yr

  2. This’ another gr8 idea for utilising my med textbooks. Thanks a ton!

  3. 2kg weight may be satisfy girls and girls call this intense workout and I boys can start warmup with 50kg dumbbell and do deadlift with 250kg

    1. Good job buddy, I’m so glad u a man I assume (I couldn’t quite understand your grammar in the previous comment) should be more aware before you post stuff like this. Some people start off slower, but if you were intelligent enough to look at her recent content then you would have saw that she is amazing at weight training. She was clearly making this for people without equipment, she CLEARLY has weights in the video! Sometime I just hate people that aren’t competent enough to understand some information that can be easily obtained!

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