Women’s lives at risk from lack of maternal mental health support – BBC Newsnight

Pregnancy and the early months of motherhood can be a time of great vulnerability for women. Almost one in five women experience a mental health condition during pregnancy or the first year of their child’s life.

In 2016 the UK government pledged a revolution in mental health services, including almost £300 million to provide specialist care for expectant or new mothers.

But new data, shared exclusively with Newsnight shows that despite progress, services across the UK are still struggling to meet their targets.

And while the numbers of women who take their own lives when they are pregnant or in the first year after giving birth are small – the risk of the worst outcome appears to be rising.

Newsnight’s Science Correspondent Kate Lamble reports.

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27 thoughts on “Women’s lives at risk from lack of maternal mental health support – BBC Newsnight

  1. In some ancient civilisations around the world, they remove a portion of the Father Hood and Mother Hood to reduce vulnerability
    Have ya NHS folks tried it ? 

    Medical folks call it “Sir-cum-Six-ten” or something like that

  2. Some of this stems from the trauma a lot of women are unnecessarily suffering during childbirth at the hands of the midwives, nurses and doctors. It’s a form of transference. This isn’t new, it is also common in trench warfare. Anyway, I’m sure the right people know this, but they will divert attention away from the true cause and instead use it to get more funding for their own needs. Oh well.

  3. No. No. No. No. No.

    Birthing parents’ lives at risk from lack of birthing persons’ mental health support.

  4. I really appreciate this and am not downplaying it but why does no one talk about men’s lack of any mental health support

  5. You cant compare northen ireland to england. A problem is always easier to deal with a smaller population. NI 1.885 million, eng just shy of 56 million

  6. Im so glad that so many countries are ,if slowly, are moving away from the “she has a case of the weepies” mentality. If you are not advancing you are retreating.

    1. having a baby not all goo it can be the loneliest time and when people judge you on parenting its hard but they so worth it I wasnt always the best parent when kids were young as didnt have family really around and husband was working a lot to provide got a bit lost sometimes but loved my kids now we closer than ever do your best and dont be afraid to admit it if you find it hard

  7. There used to be mother mother and baby units many years ago. But they were shut down to to funding xx

    1. you used to be in hospital for a few days now its theres your baby of you go mind you the attitude of some staff was happy to get out

  8. While this is an important issue, the BBC’s continued obsession with certain ‘demographic groups’ is very tiresome. How about a more diverse range of experiences?

    1. For that you will need to watch other souces if news outlets. The bbc is trying to portray a certain kind of image. By covering this. What image do you think they are trying to portray?

    2. @Just Killing Time – but I’m forced to pay for this news outlet.

    3. @jim thompson if your using the internet your paying. So if i were you which i am get the most out of your money

  9. As a person that raised 3 kids on my own without the help of relatives nor friends it is really hard to get through. I totally agree with her in everything she says and at the same time it’s needed to depend solely in God. Thank God she was able to have someone who she can speak with without being judged something that’s hard to find in someone nowadays.

  10. Thank you for bringing this reality into the light of day. I’m sure it’s much more prevalent than most of us realize nor what we want to acknowledge.

  11. As someone who is female every other Tuesday, thank you for raising this topic. x

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