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64 thoughts on “Thanks #pilates ❤️

  1. I… I just naturally do that. All the time.

    I’ll be standing somewhere for a while, get tired of standing, and just cross my legs and sit. People look at me like I’m some kind of abomination, but it works, and I’m already in a comfortable cross legged position leaning against the wall.

  2. as someone who can’t bend their knees without them locking, i did in fact fail this fitness test.

  3. I’ve had three babies and I did this with ease. So proud of myself for making sure to stay fit and healthy after having/nursing three kids in 4 years. Being able to run and play with my kids and feel good about myself is so important for myself, my relationship and my family.

    1. Yea ik I don’t do Pilates or any type of exercise but it was still so easy

    2. ​@🤍daisy doodles🤍 I’m over here like what’s a Asian squat

    3. ⁠​⁠@🤍daisy doodles🤍 that’s because it’s not supposed to be hard most people are just fat plus Pilates don’t help anyways

    4. Yeah like I walk a few minutes everyday to the mailbox but I don’t do anything other than that

    5. @ProFiT SMASH man I’m almost 300 lbs and I can do this just cause people are fat doesn’t mean they can’t do this or exercise

  4. Pregnant with #4 and not into pilates or any crazy exercise. Just a farm mom. I can do this. You can do this.

  5. I do this when I visit my patients. I am not supposed to sit on the floor, but I’ll be damned if i have to squat for 30 minutes for a wund dressing.

  6. I know I’m more out of shape now than I’ve ever been in my life and this was probably one of the easiest things I’ve ever done.
    Props to you for making me start moving a bit though 😂

  7. I know people say that this was easy but as someone who has been dealing with back pain that focuses on the small of my back up to between my shoulder blades I gave up before I even got to the floor. It felt like it was just pulling muscles in my back and if I went through with it I was just going to hurt myself. My back is actually aching right now too. So I am glad I didn’t do the full exercise in this yt short. Congratulations to those who could do this. 😊

    1. In the long run, it would actually help your back in most cases. Especially things like yoga. Saying this as someone whos had arthritis in my spine since i was 20 (now in 30s).

  8. I’ve got shitty knees that constantly grind and also happen to dislocate randomly so this was a painful no thanks and I failed the second step 😂

  9. I have done this multiple times being a dancer in my weekly Pilates classes

  10. My ankles asked politely if I could refrain from this activity, I have a drs note from my knees if the teacher needs to see

  11. I have to site down and get back up like this in my heels all the time. So easy!!!!

  12. i’m pretty underweight and have several issues which mean that i phsyically cannot do exercise. this was one of the easiest things i’ve ever done.

    1. Same, I’m the complete opposite end of the spectrum from you (well into the obese range), and I was still able to do it too 😂

    2. I would attribute that to how little you weigh. if you weigh less, it’s easier to move your body. I’ve been 130 lbs and I’ve been 230 lbs and even if you lack muscle, movements like this are easier because you have less weight to move around. I doubt you have core strength if you’re severely underweight and don’t workout as core strength is the quickest muscle to go if you stop working on it. so it’s likely not due to you being physically strong, but likely because you weigh significantly less than the average person 👍

    3. @a j i didn’t say i was physically strong, but if i’m weaker surely i would find it more difficult to do it? i mean i get it-i’m lighter so i can move my body more easily but still…

    4. i’m sorry but there’s no way you can’t exercise is some shape of form. whether it’s incredibly light weight or even body weight you can always do something like jog to the end of your street and progress from there

  13. This is just getting down onto the floor and then back up while holding a baby. I do it all the time 😂

    1. I was thinking this! And i even have bad knees and back from working on my feet at sbux for 6 years. This was super easy. Painful but easy

  14. Let’s get it straight “most people do NOT fail this” ❤

    Wait, umm…Thank you guys so much for the likes that’s actually is a lot I just went to school, never had so many likes, Kinds felling proud-….😭❤️ 3.000?

    Update: thanks for the likes? 3,000 that is cinda a LOT. <33

    1. I have busted knees and I was able to do it although I really shouldn’t have even tried😅😅😅

    1. Yeah it doesn’t really seem like an exercise challenge so much as a “are you disabled in some form?” Test 😅 I have old injuries leading to a very painful hip, knees, and ankles that also end up chronically sprained. Sure I could do this but it would be extremely unpleasant 😅

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